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Here at Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs,

we tailor our service to fit your needs!

Sweet Serenity Conceptual Landscape Designs Fallbrook
 Landscape Consultation

If you aren't sure how to approach the process of redesigning your yard space, or even if you already have undergone the process and are in need of additional advice, Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs is here for you!


We review your pre-existing yard, gathering information regarding problem areas, changes to be made, and desired aspects of the landscape, and in doing so we are able to create a new 'plan of attack' for your yard space!

Consultations are $75/hr, due at the end of the consultation:
should you want to contract our services, then this consultation fee is credited towards your overall design fee!

What happens at an on-site consultation:

We come to your residence and review your yard, discuss plant material, design implementations and pros/cons.  If afterward, you would like to proceed with utilizing our landscape design services, you are free to review some reference material while we measure and map out your yard**.


For a FREE online consultation and quote, please use our CONTACT form!

Design and Renovation

Whether you are looking to add features to an existing yard, spruce up your curb appeal, or are wanting to completely redesign your landscape, Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs is a creative, budget friendly solution that provides easy to follow steps and "do it yourself" directions that allow you to be directly involved in the process of redesigning and replanning your landscape or yard space!


Sweet Serenity focuses on budget awareness, resource conservation, and aesthetic beauty!


These are the following documents you receive

when utilizing our design services:

Master Plan:  The hand-drawn master plan shows the overall design of the designated garden area, in addition to hardscape and plant locations. Plant names are called out utilizing either a legend approach or labeling via initials that correspond with the legend and planting palette.

Hardscape List: Identifies materials for new hardscape features, such as paths, decks, patios, retaining walls, water features, etc.  This list also provides the location for purchasing/sourcing said materials.

Plant Palette: The plant list specifies each plant alphabetically by botanical name, and also includes common name; indicates quantities and recommended sizes. The planting plan includes pricing and sourcing of plants.

(Note: final adjustments are often made in the field during construction.)

Price List:  Overall comprehensive list of all plant and hardscape materials, quantities, prices per unit, ordering amount and locations, as well as tax/delivery information and a summarization of all material totals.


Fees and Rate Information

Our landscape designs are customized and tailored to fit each individual client and their needs, so there is no 'set' or structured fee amount! 

We take our client's overall budget into consideration, combine that with the necessary detail and planning required of the design, and thus are able to provide the lowest possible rate for our services!

The average cost of a landscape designer in San Diego County currently ranges between $1,000 and $10,000, and that is just to start! 
Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs provides quotes that are affordable to our clients, with our average fee ranging from $500-$1,200 on average per design for a small-scale residential

Your quote may vary: please fill out our contact form
to receive your quote today!

How can we afford to keep our rates this competitive?
Many other companies may require up-front installation contracts or timelines, and require that you only utilize THEIR contractors and material suppliers.  While this may seem efficient, this may limit your abilities and opportunities to utilize their local businesses/nurseries, and many times also prevents you the opportunity to plan the rate and execution of the installation process. We want YOU to be in control! 

Nobody likes to be rushed into things, and we at Sweet Serenity believe that providing our clients a well-planned landscape with all material costs researched (as well as list of licensed local contractors), allows for our clients to take the reins and aid in establishing the pace of their progress!

A non-refundable 50% deposit will be due upon contract signing at the end of the consultation: 
the remaining 50% will be due upon presentation of the design.

Forms of payment accepted:   Cash, Check, Credit Card

Sweet Serenity Conceptual Landscape Designs Fallbrook
References for
Professional Installation 



Here at Sweet Serenity Landscape Designs, we pride ourselves on providing landscape designs that are specifically tailored to those desiring a hands-on, DIY approach!

These designs and instructions provided require minimal tools,

affordable materials and local resources.

However, we understand the importance of professionalism, of constructing to code and following required regulations; therefore are proud to recommend local contractors and landscape installation companies, at no additional charge to you!


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